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Couples Counseling in Marietta, GA

Whether you are an experienced couple going through a tough time or whether you are in the beginning stages of your relationship and currently find yourself at an impasse with your spouse or significant other, relationship difficulties hurt!

We work with couples to help them step out of their painful interactional cycle and communicate with one another in genuine and loving ways. We have worked with both couples on the brink of divorce, and couples who simply wish to strengthen their relationship and grow in their intimacy. We greatly enjoy walking alongside you and your significant other as you move from surviving to thriving in your relationship.

Marital and Couples Therapy

Your marriage is the most important relationship in your life. However, often couples find that this relationship is also the most challenging to manage. If you and your significant other are struggling with conflict, emotional intimacy, communication, and connectedness, you know that other areas of your life are also impacted.

At North Metro Psychological Services, we believe that a great marriage is possible and we work with you to address the precise issues that are keeping you from having a great marriage. 

We work to help you clear the noise of unhealthy conflict and to resolve the underlying pain that is producing stress in your relationship.

We equip you with practical tools to help you communicate well and to build lasting intimacy in your marriage.

The typical areas of concern that we work with include perpetual unresolved conflict, emotional loneliness, emotional disconnection, parenting disagreements, extended family relationships, affection, teamwork, affair recovery, sexual difficulties, financial disagreements, and life-work balance.

Couples therapy for partners with Autism Spectrum Disorder & ADHD

Relationships where one or both partners struggle with difficulties related to ADHD and/or high functioning ASD/Asperger's Disorder are especially challenging. If you and/or your partner have or suspect you may have these diagnoses, you are likely facing significant difficulties with emotional and physical intimacy, as well as communication challenges in your relationship. The first step towards healing is to recognize and become aware of your individual strengths and weaknesses, and how these impact your relationship. It's also important to work with a clinician who understands how these diagnoses impact the relationship, and ways to assist you in moving towards a great and fulfilling relationship.  

If you have not been formally diagnosed, it may be helpful to first seek out an assessment to assist with treatment guidance.  Dr. Korey specializes in assessment and counseling for adults for ASD and ADHD.

Premarital Counseling

As you embark on this new and exciting chapter of your life, remember to prepare for the journey by taking a moment to get to know the emotional side of yourself and of your future spouse. 

At NMPS, we equip you with a reserve of practical tools which you can utilize all throughout your marriage.

Affair Recovery

Affairs have a way of shaking up a marriage unlike anything else. They also impact individuals on a deep, personal level, revealing your vulnerabilities and causing you to  consider your own integrity, like never before.

If your marriage or committed relationship has recently suffered an affair, you are likely feeling hurt, confused, and angry. It is challenging to handle such a consequential event on your own. With help, you can recover from the affair; achieving personal growth and wholeness, and if you so chose, a more intimate relationship with your significant other.

Through the empirically tested and uniquely practical method of ACT, as well as our years of experience working with couples in distress, we can help both you and your significant other recover from the affair, achieve personal growth, find forgiveness and a path to move forward, and gain a stronger, more intimate relationship.


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