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Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. Hours of operation vary based on your clinician's schedule and availability. The quickest way to schedule an appointment is to submit a confidential appointment request here.  You can also contact each clinician individually. Once scheduled, you will receive an email or text reminder for your appointment. 

Fees and Insurance


Fees for assessment are determined based on each client's individualized needs and amount of time required. The cost for assessments are tailored to the needs of the individual and the referral question. A typical, thorough evaluation that includes a diagnostic interview, attention assessment, cognitive testing, social-emotional testing, and achievement testing costs between $1200-2500. Please call or email Dr. Korey to discuss your individualized needs and get a quote for services. 


Fees for therapy vary by clinician. Please contact us for specific fee questions.


Clinicians at NMPS are not currently contracted with any insurance panels. Payment for services is due at the time of your appointment. Depending on your particular insurance plan, you may be able to submit documentation for Out of Network benefits. Your clinician will provide you with all the needed documentation to send to your insurance for reimbursement. Some of the common insurance plans that have Out of Network reimbursement include Aetna, BCBS – Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Humana and UBH – United Healthcare / United Behavioral Health.

Please note, the  amount and the time it takes to get reimbursed varies based on your insurance company and plan. Please remember that it is your responsibility to check with your insurance company about out of network benefits. When you call them, find out the answers to the following questions:

  1. Do I have "out of network" benefits?

  2. Are behavioral services covered and what is the coverage amount?

  3. Is there a deductible and how much is it?

  4. What portion will be reimbursed?

  5. Is a referral needed from a primary care physician?

Why did we stop accepting insurance?

1. Confidentiality and Privacy Concerns

Most insurance companies require a diagnosis, and sometimes a thorough description of your presenting problems and history. In addition, ongoing treatment notes to your insurance company are required in order to get paid. This undermines the basic premise of therapy and also gives a lot more people access to private health information about you.

As mentioned before, in order to get paid, your clinician has to provide your insurance company with a diagnosis. Many people seek therapy for personal growth and exploration, relationship issues, not because they are depressed or anxious or have a serious mental illness. This is even more of a concern when it comes to psychological assessment where a diagnosis is required for the clinician to get reimbursed and requires that this diagnosis be shared with third parties. This puts your clinician in an awkward and ethically challenging position if you or your child don’t meet criteria for a mental illness.

Even if you’re okay with your information being shared with your insurance company from a confidentiality standpoint, there may be unintended consequences in the future. Some of the long term unintended consequences that most people are not aware of are higher health insurance premiums due to a “pre-existing” condition, higher premiums for or denial of life insurance, and possibly having to share your diagnosis in future job interviews.

2. Insurance-Driven Assessment or Treatment Plan and Quality of Care

When it comes to psychological evaluations, most insurance companies do not cover psychological testing for learning issues. This is because these services are not considered to be “medically necessary.” In addition, when it comes to psychological assessment, insurance approves or denies specific tests based on what they believe to be necessary, without having met you or your child personally. Dr. Korey tailors each assessment to individual client’s need and referral question, and also adds tests after working with your child as needed. This would not be possible with the insurance pre-approval requirements.

When therapists take insurance, they are required to use treatment methods that are covered by your plan. This means they have less say in how to treat you; how long your sessions should last and how many sessions you need based on your specific and individual needs.

Check out this blog for more details about Insurance Use and Benefits.

Whether you choose to use or not use your benefits for counseling or psychological assessment, we believe that everyone deserves quality care and will work with you to find a solution that accommodates your needs.

Types of Payment Accepted:

The following methods of payment are accepted: HSA, FSA cards, credit cards (American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard), check, cash. 


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