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Office Policies

Office Policies

Thank you for choosing North Metro Psychological Services. We look forward to working with you and are pleased to offer the information below for your knowledge. Please carefully review this document as it contains important information regarding office policies, confidentiality and your rights and responsibilities.

Appointments and Availability

Therapy and assessment sessions are scheduled by appointment only. Individual sessions are typically 50 minutes in length and couples and family sessions are 90 minutes. Assessment appointments vary in length. Frequency varies upon need, however, therapy clients are typically seen weekly. You can reach us within normal business hours, Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm by leaving a message on our confidential line or by email. We will make every effort to return your call or email within 24 hours on business days. Please keep in mind that North Metro Psychological Services is a non-emergency center, if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911. If you feel that you must speak with a mental health professional immediately please call the Crisis and Access 24-hour Crisis hotline at 1-800-715-4225.


Fees for psychotherapy are based on the usual and customary rates for clinicians in the area. The fee will be established by each clinician during your initial phone consultation. The private-pay cost per session ranges from $120 to $175 for individual clients and $160 to $225 for couples sessions depending on the level of clinician's credentials and training. The cost for a full psychoeducational evaluation ranges from $1200 to $2300. On average psychoeducational and learning disability reports are between 8 and 20 pages. Please contact us to discuss fees for other assessments. 

Sessions longer than the allotted times and services provided outside of scheduled appointments will be billed at the same hourly rate on a prorated basis and established with you ahead of time. Telephone consultations outside of our regular appointment times, longer than 10 minutes, will be charged a prorated session fee. There is a $25 fee for bounced checks.

We reserve the right to periodically adjust the session fee and will notify you in advance if a fee adjustment becomes necessary. If you are unable to pay for your session upfront, due to unforeseen financial circumstances, please discuss with your clinician. Allowances will be made as appropriate. There is also charge for each occurrence of preparation and production of any documentation. The fee depends on the type of documentation you are requesting and is prorated on an hourly basis. 

We offer a limited number of need-based sliding scale payment plans for qualifying clients. If you feel you would qualify for an income-based fee, please inquire.  Such accommodations are subject to availability.

Payments Accepted

Cash, check and all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Square Cash accepted for payment. 

Dr. Korey is in-network provider for some insurance plans. While other insurance plans are not accepted by NMPS, we are happy to assist you with filing for reimbursement and will provide you with the documentation required. Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please review your coverage carefully, and consult with your insurance provider. Consider the following questions when determining if your insurance will reimburse you for therapy and or assessment:

  • What are my mental health insurance benefits?

  • Has my deductible been met?

  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?

  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

  • Does my insurance require pre-approval from my primary care physician?

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact your clinician as soon as possible. Please note that you are responsible for the full session fee if you cancel fewer than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. We will make an effort to reschedule your appointment for the same week, however, this may not always be possible and therefore our sessions may have to resume the following week. You are also responsible for any session that you miss without prior notification. We reserve the right to terminate therapy if missed appointments become habitual. 


What we discuss in therapy is private and confidential. We will not release information without your prior written consent. If you agree that consultation with others would be beneficial to your therapy, we will provide you with a written Authorization to Exchange Confidential Information form for your signature. However, there are certain situations when we are required by law to break confidentiality and contact the appropriate authorities. These situations are as follows:

  1. If there is suspected abuse or neglect of a child, a dependent adult, elderly person or disabled person.

  2. If you threaten serious bodily harm to another person.

  3. If you are in danger of harming yourself.

  4. If we are ordered by a court to release information.

We will make every effort to discuss the situation with you before breaking confidentiality in these situations.

Telephone Accessibility

If you need to contact us between sessions, please leave a message for your therapist on their confidential voice mail line. Please keep in mind that often your therapist is not immediately available; however, we will make every attempt to return your call within 24 hours on regular business days. Please note that Face- to-face sessions are highly preferable to phone sessions. However, in the event that you are out of town, sick or need additional support, phone sessions may be available. If a true emergency situation arises, please call 911.

Social Media and Telecommunications

Due to the importance of your confidentiality and the importance of minimizing dual relationships, we do not accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on any social networking site (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). We believe that adding clients as friends or contacts on these sites can compromise your confidentiality and your respective privacy. It may also blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship. Also, please note that we do not Google or research our clients online as we respect your privacy. 

Electronic Communication

We cannot ensure the confidentiality of any form of communication through electronic media, including text messages. If you prefer to communicate via email or text messaging for issues regarding scheduling or cancellations, we will do so. While we may try to return messages in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee immediate response and request that you do not use these methods of communication to discuss therapeutic content and/or request assistance for emergencies.

Ethical Standards

As Licensed Clinicians we are bound by ethical standards to advance the welfare of families and individuals, respect the rights of those persons seeking assistance, and make reasonable efforts to ensure that our services are used appropriately. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status or marital status. We will not exploit the trust you place in us as your therapists.

If you have questions about any of the above policies, please feel free to reach out to us or to ask during our meetings, we are happy to discuss your concerns. 




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